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Brooklyn Dog News Fall 2013

Did you know there was a recent string of robberies in Brooklyn committed by a dog walker? Have you heard about a new fitness program in Prospect Park for you and Fido? If this is news to you, it’s time to catch up on Brooklyn dog headlines. Keep reading for the scoop on recent dog news in Brooklyn.

 Fitness for Fido 

Go Fetch Run is a new fitness program created for you and Fido. It’s just like baby bootcamp but with your dog. People and their pets go to Prospect Park five days a week for a workout featuring cardio and strength training, which incorporates dogs. See these fit pets and people in action on Brooklyn News 12.

Photo by Chris Ozer

Dog Walker Busted for Burglary   

A Brooklyn dog walker was caught stealing from the homes of the dogs he walked. According to the New York Post, the walker stole nearly $190,000 worth of jewelry and trinkets from clients. The incidents were reported in five DUMBO condos. I wonder if this was the same dog walker busted for stealing in my building.

Cross Court and Pacific with Care

RIP Mambo, the poor puppy who was killed after being hit by a car while crossing Pacific Street at Court. The Brooklyn Eagle reports on this dangerous intersection that is subject to heavy traffic, poor sight lines and double-parked trucks. While the intersection does not meet federal guidelines for a traffic signal, Councilmember Steven Levin has created a petition to add one. Sign it today!  

Brooklyn Eagle photo by Trudy Whitman shows heavy traffic, poor sight lines and double-parked trucks at Court and Pacific.

Vinegar Hill Vets Expand to Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Group, a satellite clinic of Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group, is slated to open November 1st. The new clinic is located at 10 Columbia Place and will be available for scheduled and walk-in appointments Monday through Saturday.



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Brooklyn Dog Headlines-January 2013

Kudos to Lena Dunham, creator of “Girls” for adopting a dog from BARC! This month she became a proud dog mom to Lamby Dunham, a sweet, twelve pound pooch. We know she’ll take good care of Lamby because they were spotted at Vinegar Hill Vet for a wellness exam. Perhaps she’ll create a role for Lamby in Girls or enter him in the Brooklyn Mutt Show.

Lamby at Vinegar Hill Vet

Photo Courtesy of Vinegar Hill Pet

Prospect Park’s legendary Ghost Dog is up for adoption at Sean Casey Animal Rescue. This feral pooch roamed the green space without an owner for years.  We’re glad Ghost Dog was rescued and hope he finds the perfect forever home.


Photo courtesy of Stefano Giovannini/Brooklyn Daily

The Emergency Boarding Facility for Hurricane Sandy Pets created by the ASPCA is closing this month.  As of the first week in January, 129 happy reunions between pets and loving owners have taken place.

010913_reunion_1And now for a bonus news tidbit with no connection to Brooklyn. French photographer Erwan Fichou has created a series of pictures showing “dogs and their masters wearing coats or sweaters carefully knitted from lovingly gathered dog hair”. I joke about making a sweater each time I brush my Wheaten but some crazy folks out there have actually done this!

Photo: Erwan Fichou

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Even Dogs Get the Flu: Canine Influenza 101

You know it’s cold and flu season when your entire family is up all night coughing and their temperatures are on the rise. This was the scene at our home last week.  One person got sick after the next, leaving our dog Laly, as the only healthy member of the family.  That’s not to say dogs don’t get the flu. Canine influenza can be a serious  year-round threat to dogs.

The most common sign of dog flu is a soft, wet cough that may last for 3 to 4 weeks. Other signs include fever, runny nose, fatigue, and loss of appetite. According to Amy Adelman, DVM at Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group, “canine influenza appears to primarily affect populations of dogs that are housed close together, such as in shelters, boarding facilities, or at dog shows.”

The canine influenza virus was first identified in January 2004 and dog flu cases have now been reported in 39 states. When I asked Dr. Adelman about dog flu in Brooklyn she told us, “New York in general has been found to have a higher prevalence of diagnosed cases than many other states, and while cases certainly have been diagnosed in Brooklyn, it is still not what I would call a hotbed for it.”

Most dogs have no natural immunity against canine influenza so virtually all dogs exposed to the virus become infected. Don’t panic about sharing living quarters and receiving slobbery kisses from a sick pooch. Canine influenza only affects dogs and cannot be passed to humans.

Vaccinating your dog against the virus is one line of defense. Katja Lang, DVM at Cobble Hill Animal Clinic  says, “the canine influenza vaccine is considered a ‘non-core’ vaccine, which means that not all dogs require it unless they are considered at risk. With the vaccine, dogs can still contract the influenza virus but show milder clinical signs and are less contagious to other animals.”

If you think your pet may be at risk, contact your veterinarian to discuss possible vaccination. To help you prepare for your next trip to the vet, visit  www.mypet.com and  take a risk assessment to find out what diseases your pet may be at risk for and how to protect against them.

This post is in participation with the DogTime Blog Champions program.  No compensation was received and information was provided with references. 

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