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Third Annual Brooklyn Basset Hound Meetup

Sunday October 27th marks the third annual meeting of the Basset Hounds in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. A couple of  years ago a few local basset hound owners decided to gather the hounds together and the North Park Slope Basset Association was formed. 

Higgins and Woodey

The first year, six Bassets attended. The following year it grew to 15 Bassets. Who knows how many will be there this year! Basset hounds are not they typical “city dog”- you don’t see many of them, so as an owner of  three year old Higgins, I get really excited when I see one in the area. The idea of seeing a group of them together is just pure silliness that must be experienced.

Basset Tongue

Bassets make people smile. I often think, “if I only had a dollar for every time someone smiles at Higgins as we’re walking”. There were lots of smiles last year and I’m sure there will be just as many this year. Come see the Bassets this Sunday! Visit the North Park Slope Basset Association Facebook page for more details.
Basset Stare Down
Guest Post by Kerry Geise, a basset lover for life who lives in Park Slope with husband Jim and dog Higgins. Follow Kerry on Twitter and Instagram @kerrygeise where you’ll be flooded with pictures of Higgins and other basset friends.

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Off-Leash Hours: F to 7th’s Premiere Episode

Does your award-winning  dog go to an exclusive doggie day care? Are they half way through reading Harry Potter and learning sign language? This crazy world exists in comedian Ingrid Jungermann’s new web series, ‘F to 7th’.  We recently discovered the hilarious first episode  titled ‘Off-Leash Hours’. It’s a take on Prospect Park’s off-leash hours and Brooklyn’s dog obsessed residents.  The episode features Michael Showalter and Isaiah Stokes one-upping each other about being the better dog owner while Jungermann’s character worries that she emasculates her dog. You’ll just have to watch the episode for yourself to have a good laugh.


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