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The Dogs of Atlantic Antic 2013

It was another great year at the Atlantic Antic. The Sixpoint Antic Ale flowed, Mile End’s poutine was on point, and there was no line for Steve’s Key Lime Pie when it was time for dessert. Along with the crowds of people, there were lots of dogs who happily helped clean the streets as they trolled for scraps.  Laly couldn’t wait to get out the door as she followed the smell of street meat. Here are our favorite dogs from this year’s Atlantic Antic.


Dogs take over the streets before the big crowds appear.

Look closely and you'll see this pooch has a full-body mohawk.

Look closely and you’ll see this pooch sports a full-body mohawk.

This dog does the Antic in style.

This dog does the Antic in style.

Giant dogs getting Antic love.

Giant dogs getting Antic love.

This pup is helping spread the word about Positive Tails, a non-profit that helps pet owners pay for veterinary care.

This pup is helping spread the word about Positive Tails, a non-profit that helps pet owners pay for veterinary care.


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Keep Your Dog Cool in the Heat Wave (Infographic)

Today was another hot one and it’s not getting cooler with temperatures remaining in the 90s over the next few days. During our evening walk, Laly quickly took care of business and dragged me back home where she happily chewed on ice cubes. Dogs are especially prone to heat stroke since they don’t sweat the way humans do to keep cool. While they can sweat through their paw pads, our furry friends rely on panting to regulate their body temperature. Be sure to take extra care during walks in the heat and make sure your home is comfortable for Fido while you’re at work. The folks at The Uncommon Dog have shared a fun infographic with tips to help keep your dog cool this summer.


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Happy New Year! & Top Brooklyn Dog Moments of 2012

Happy New Year and best wishes for a great 2013! In no particular order, here are a few of our favorite Brooklyn dog moments from this past year. What were your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments section.


Smorgasburg DUMBO– we couldn’t get enough of this dog-friendly foodie wonderland, which set up shop for a few weeks at the Tabacco Warehouse.

Barney and Laly in front of Casa de la Camba, serving Bolivian food at Smorgasburg DUMBO.

Barney and Laly in front of Casa de la Camba, serving Bolivian food at Smorgasburg DUMBO.


The Brooklyn Mutt Showan annual celebration of mutts competing in cool categories such as Star Trek vs. Star Wars dogs. We can’t wait for this year’s show!

James Tiberius Kirk courtesy of Brokelyn

James Tiberius Kirk courtesy of Brokelyn


The hard work of community minded dog owners made it possible to replace the pink stones in the park with spanking brand new, bleed-free ones.

Pier 6 Dog Run gets a makeover!

Pier 6 Dog Run gets a makeover!


Brooklyn dogs and their humans really know how to celebrate Halloween. Luckily, the hurricane didn’t put a damper on the borough’s annual festivities including the Great Pupkin in Fort Greene Park.

Great Pupkin courtesy of Kate on Clinton

Great Pupkin 2012 courtesy of Kate on Clinton


The Brooklyn dog community is made up of kind, quirky, and incredibly altruistic individuals and organizations.  From the work of rescue groups to the volunteer powered ASPCA Boarding Facility for Hurricane Sandy pets and Brooklyn Bark’s food pantry, we definitely feel the love.



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Happy Holidays!

Laly and the pack from A Brooklyn Dog’s Life wish all our readers a happy holiday season! We hope you’re enjoying lots of snuggle time with your pup!


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Kickstart Oh My Dog! Bring a NYC Dogumentary to the Big Screen


Every now and then we come across a project on Kickstarter that we get excited about. This is the case for Oh My Dog!, a documentary that explores the explosion of dog culture in New York City and what it reveals about the human condition. The film, which features a mix of live action and animation, is the brainchild of Rani Khanna, an established documentary filmmaker based in London. Dog lovers will want to see this film on the big screen and have until January 4th to help Kickstart it.


Oh My Dog! follows Ada Nieves, a pet fashion designer, entrenched in New York City’s pet scene as she deals with the stress of organizing the pet fashion show of the year. However, there’s more to the film than dogs in designer duds. Interwoven with Ada’s drama is the story of Gus, the film’s animated mutt narrator who falls for a pedigree pooch. Throughout the film, Gus explores the different themes related to the cultural dog phenomenon: money, science, relationships, love and the evolving role of dogs. He also introduces us to the film’s contributors, that include an Iraq War veteran and their service dog, an ethologist, pet intuitive; Denise Zak and pet journalist; Julia Szabo.


Ada Nieves and her pups.

Rani Khanna has always been intrigued by the relationship between man and dog and the recent explosion of dog culture. She says, “I want to find out why is this happening now and what does this reveal about Western society today. Dogs have become more important and meaningful in our lives and continue to help people and society in so many different ways – OMD! addresses this and celebrates the only animal with the privileged status of being man’s best friend.”

Visit Kickstarter to view the film’s trailer and support its completion. I know that we look forward to seeing Gus on the big screen.

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Key West is Dog Paradise

Last month we took our first family vacation to Key West and left Laly at home with a friend. Little did we know Key West was dog paradise until we arrived. From the bars on Duvall Street to restaurants in Bahama Village and shops along Mallory Square, the Conch Republic is one of the most dog-friendly vacations spots we’ve come across. Key West even has a dog beach where you can soak up the sun while Fido digs in the sand.

Dog Beach, Key West

The island’s motto, one human family, extends to four-legged friends since they are welcome just about everywhere. Something should have tipped me off when I noticed a large offering of dog friendly hotels in my guidebook. Visitors traveling to Key West with dogs have their pick of accommodations ranging from swanky digs at the Casa Marina to the quaintness of the Francis Street Bottle Inn.

Key West Dogs Love Bike Rides

While in the Conch Republic, we came across tons of dogs living the good life but one in particular stands out. Her name is Cleo, a boxer short wearing golden retriever who is part of the island’s famous sunset celebration. Cleo earns her kibble by doing tricks and cleverly collecting dollar bills from the audience.

As winter sets in, consider taking a warm weather escape to Key West with your dog. I know one day we’ll return with Laly.

Cleo earns the kibble

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Shake Shack Brooklyn Dog Menu

After much anticipation, Shake Shack in Downtown Brooklyn is finally open. During our visit we were elated to spot a section for dogs on the menu. The next time you give into in a burger craving, make sure to pick up a treat for your pooch. The menu features the Pooch-ini, a custard treat for canines and Bag O’ Bones dog biscuits.  

Laly was even allowed to enter burger nirvana by an employee who assumed the place was dog friendly since they served dog treats. We thought it was weird but went along with it until we were told to wait outside by another staff member. Once home, Laly only had eyes for her Pooch-ini and actually let us eat our food in peace. I’m also happy to report that a big serving of custard didn’t make her sick. Tonight’s dinner was a win-win for all.  

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