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Prevent Dog Theft With The Safespot Locking Leash

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As a dog owner, one of the most frightening things that can happen is the disappearance of our furry friends. More dogs are stolen per year than bicycles (2 million dogs vs. 1.5 million bikes). We’ve even started to see headlines about Brooklyn dogs being held for ransom. To help keep our pets safe, Michael Friedland, a Brooklyn inventor has created the Safespot Locking Leash.

The steel cable reinforced leash was designed for pet owners who run errands with their dogs. I cringe each time I see dogs tied to poles while their humans run into stores. This may seem normal to some people but it’s when dogs are in most danger of being stolen.  While you can’t get people to change their ways, you can hopefully get them to use a theft-proof leash for those times Fido must remain outside.

The Safespot Locking Leash is a fully adjustable collar and lead with a steel cabled core. This gives pet owners peace-of-mind on those short occasions they need to leave their dog unattended. The patented design securely locks canines to an immovable object when necessary or can be used as a daily walking leash without using the lock feature. Check out this video to see the leash in action.


To learn more about the SafeSpot Locking Leash we spoke with Michael Friedland.

Q: What inspired you to create the SafeSpot Locking Leash? 

 A: We’ve been selling our popular Pawz dog boots now for 7 plus years. The success of our disposable, rubber dog boots inspired us to look for other innovative product ideas that would make a difference to dogs and their humans. All dogs need at least one leash. So we started thinking about leashes. Since we don’t do ‘me too’ products, retractable were out of the question and there are many leashes available for all types of dogs and people. We came upon the idea of a locking leash from simple observation of the need here in Brooklyn. We have seen other product offerings that were bulky, impractical and often unsafe. These products never gained any traction. 

 Q: Have you personally been affected by pet theft? 

A: I have personally never had a dog stolen but almost everyone I know has a connection to stolen dog story.

 Q: Are there similar products on the market? If so, what makes SafeSpot different?

A: As far as I know, there are not any locking leashes on the market. There was one that I am aware of but the collar needed to be removed from the dog during the locking process, which was a very inelegant design. The Safespot Locking Leash on the other hand never has to be removed to lock, is adjustable to all neck sizes, and has a steel security cable running from handle to collar, which are lockable.

Q: What has consumer response been like to the product?  

A: The consumer response has been extraordinary. The Safespot won’t be available in stores until next month but me and others in the office are getting stopped on street about the leash. The truth is our dogs are pretty cute. My short hair Border Collie recsue, Wyatt, is the friendliest dog so he is a natural model and sales dog. His favorite spot in Brooklyn is swimming spot known as the Peninsula in Prospect Park. To see him diving into the lake is a picture of pure joy.

 Q: What does it take to get a product on the market from concept to execution? 

A: The Safespot was definitely the most complex product I have ever done. Conceived in house and designed in collaboration with our friends at A2 Design here in New York.  The entire process always takes longer than you expect but the guys at A2 are real pros and worked with us to create the perfect blend of form and function. It was important to  us that the product didn’t just work well but also that it be a simple and elegant design that people would want to use.

Q: What Brooklyn retailers carry the Safespot locking leash?

 A: In Brooklyn the Safespot will be available September 1st at Pawzdogboots.com and many independent pet shops. 


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