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Third Annual Brooklyn Basset Hound Meetup

Sunday October 27th marks the third annual meeting of the Basset Hounds in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. A couple of  years ago a few local basset hound owners decided to gather the hounds together and the North Park Slope Basset Association was formed. 

Higgins and Woodey

The first year, six Bassets attended. The following year it grew to 15 Bassets. Who knows how many will be there this year! Basset hounds are not they typical “city dog”- you don’t see many of them, so as an owner of  three year old Higgins, I get really excited when I see one in the area. The idea of seeing a group of them together is just pure silliness that must be experienced.

Basset Tongue

Bassets make people smile. I often think, “if I only had a dollar for every time someone smiles at Higgins as we’re walking”. There were lots of smiles last year and I’m sure there will be just as many this year. Come see the Bassets this Sunday! Visit the North Park Slope Basset Association Facebook page for more details.
Basset Stare Down
Guest Post by Kerry Geise, a basset lover for life who lives in Park Slope with husband Jim and dog Higgins. Follow Kerry on Twitter and Instagram @kerrygeise where you’ll be flooded with pictures of Higgins and other basset friends.

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Off-Leash Hours: F to 7th’s Premiere Episode

Does your award-winning  dog go to an exclusive doggie day care? Are they half way through reading Harry Potter and learning sign language? This crazy world exists in comedian Ingrid Jungermann’s new web series, ‘F to 7th’.  We recently discovered the hilarious first episode  titled ‘Off-Leash Hours’. It’s a take on Prospect Park’s off-leash hours and Brooklyn’s dog obsessed residents.  The episode features Michael Showalter and Isaiah Stokes one-upping each other about being the better dog owner while Jungermann’s character worries that she emasculates her dog. You’ll just have to watch the episode for yourself to have a good laugh.


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Brooklyn Dog Headlines-January 2013

Kudos to Lena Dunham, creator of “Girls” for adopting a dog from BARC! This month she became a proud dog mom to Lamby Dunham, a sweet, twelve pound pooch. We know she’ll take good care of Lamby because they were spotted at Vinegar Hill Vet for a wellness exam. Perhaps she’ll create a role for Lamby in Girls or enter him in the Brooklyn Mutt Show.

Lamby at Vinegar Hill Vet

Photo Courtesy of Vinegar Hill Pet

Prospect Park’s legendary Ghost Dog is up for adoption at Sean Casey Animal Rescue. This feral pooch roamed the green space without an owner for years.  We’re glad Ghost Dog was rescued and hope he finds the perfect forever home.


Photo courtesy of Stefano Giovannini/Brooklyn Daily

The Emergency Boarding Facility for Hurricane Sandy Pets created by the ASPCA is closing this month.  As of the first week in January, 129 happy reunions between pets and loving owners have taken place.

010913_reunion_1And now for a bonus news tidbit with no connection to Brooklyn. French photographer Erwan Fichou has created a series of pictures showing “dogs and their masters wearing coats or sweaters carefully knitted from lovingly gathered dog hair”. I joke about making a sweater each time I brush my Wheaten but some crazy folks out there have actually done this!

Photo: Erwan Fichou

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Is Your Dog The Cutest One at the Run?

Do you think your dog is the king or queen of the dog run? If so, Brooklyn Bridge Park invites you to enter their Cutest Dog at the Dog Run Photo Contest. According to the folks at BBP, the runs at Main Street and Pier 6 get a lot of love rain or shine and they want to meet the dogs that add to the park’s cute factor. There will be one winner at each dog run and they will receive a $50 gift certificate to Wag Club!

Dog Run Contest

Rules for Dog Run Contest

Submit your photos to info@brooklynbridgepark.org with the subject “Cutest Dog at the Dog Run”

  1. Entries will be accepted until January 22, 2013
  2. Only one submission per dog, per owner
  3. All submissions must be in .jpg format
  4. Photos must be taken AT one the dog runs to be considered
  5. Please include dog’s name and age in the body of the email, as well as which dog run the photo was taken at (Pier 6 Dog Run or Main Street Dog Run)
  6. By submitting a photo, you agree to be entered into BBP’s email list
  7. Have fun!

Dog Run contest 1

Wheaten greeting camouflage at the newly made over Pier 6 Dog Run.

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Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know about the great work being done by Sean Casey Animal Rescue and Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition. But did you know about Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue?  It wasn’t until a recent trip down the rabbit hole on Twitter that I discovered this kickass organization with a great name and tag line- “saving badass dogs from idiot humans”.

Brooklyn Badass is made up of a committed network of fosters and volunteers that rescue sweet, loving, adoptable dogs from high kill, rural shelters in the southern United States. Once pulled from  shelters, they provide dogs with  veterinary care and transport them north to foster and  forever homes. Since 2011, Badass has rescued over 600 dogs and placed them all in loving homes.

Betty, a 4-year old dachshund-chihuahua mix, is a Badass alum placed in a forever home in Park Slope.  From her Facebook page, you can tell that her new family is crazy about her and that she’s loving life as a Brooklyn dog.

Betty, the Badass alum, enjoying life in Park Slope.

Betty, the Badass alum, enjoying life in Park Slope.

Badass takes the adoption process seriously in order to place each dog in a home where they will thrive. They hold weekly events at NYC Pet in Williamsburg, where you can meet rescues. Visit their website and Tumblr page, The Daily Badass, to learn ab0ut upcoming events and ways you can get involved in this awesome group.

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Pier 6 Dog Run Gets a Makeover

Say goodbye to dusty pink paws on your pooch and paw prints ruining your clothes and carpeting after a visit to the Pier 6 Dog Run. The Atlantic Avenue run now sports brand new dust-free, bleed-free gravel! During a recent makeover, the run’s pink stones were replaced with sand colored gravel and a concrete ledge was added to the dog fountain/shower area, to elevate it and prevent a mud pit each time it’s used.

Pier 6 Dog Run gets a makeover!

Thanks to Tyra Bombetto and everyone that helped make this happen. For the past year (if not longer), we’ve heard about Pink Dogs Unite, a group started by Bombetto to replace the notorious pink gravel. Tons of stones were tested and the runners-up were even displayed at the run for feedback from dog owners.

After a few visits to the run, the new stones passed the test. I happened to be wearing black from head to toe and didn’t leave covered in a dusty paste. More importantly, the dogs weren’t covered in any residue from the gravel. Given Laly’s wheaten coloring, she gets lost in a sea of beige. It took her a few visits to get used to the new gravel but she’s now a happy camper. We just have to wait for the thick layer of pebble to settle and disperse so it doesn’t feel like walking on quick sand for the humans and Laly can get her competitive edge back when chasing after other pups.

Wheaten greeting camouflage at the newly made over Pier 6 Dog Run.


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NYC’s Cutest Furry Friends + Skye Terriers at Kea on Atlantic

I just came across a slideshow on Time Out New York of cute critters that call the city’s shops, bars and other institutions home. A decent number of Brooklyn animals made the round-up but they were all cats. There was Monster who resides at the Brooklyn Brewery, Sadie at the New York Transit Museum and Tiny at the Park Slope Community Bookstore. The closest they came to a Brooklyn dog were the dingoes at the Prospect Park Zoo. What happened to Brooklyn’s shop dogs? I’m filling the void by giving some love to the Skye Terriers at Kea, the fancy carpet store on Atlantic Avenue. I once spotted the pair looking cool and composed while people watching atop a pile of pricey carpets.  The last time I peeked in the shop to ask for them, I learned they were enjoying some time in the country. Now that’s the life!

Tiny the Park Slope Community Bookstore cat. Courtesy of TONY.

Dingoes at the Prospect Park Zoo. Courtesy of TONY.

Skye Terriers at Kea on Atlantic Avenue

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