Meet Laly

Laly is the lovable, mischievous Wheaten Terrier who inspired

A Brooklyn Dog’s Life

Sex: female
Neighborhood: Brooklyn Heights/Cobble Hill
Personality: opinionated adventure dog
Hobbies: licking herself, trolling the streets for scraps, playing chase and tug
Vocabulary: sit, stay, paw, high five, en cuatro, rollover
Favorite spots for walks: the Promenade, Cobble Hill Park, Verandah Place
Favorite Toy: puppy pinata, kong, ugly dolls
Favorite Food: frozen yogurt & stella and chewy
Pet Peeve: birds, baths, getting brushed
Perfect Day: together with her pack


2 responses to “Meet Laly

  1. Laly is adorable! I just discovered your blog via Twitter. I’m looking forward to following.


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