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A Brooklyn Dog’s Life is PR friendly. Drop us a line about events, new products, reviews, news and anything Brooklyn dog friendly. Contact us at abrooklyndogslife at

Thanks for visiting!
Milena & Laly


7 responses to “Contact/PR Friendly

  1. Maria

    What a great idea for a blog!

  2. Thanks so much, Milena. Really appreciate that.

  3. Hi, I enjoy your blog. Thanks to linking to ours. Tonight I stole “dogosphere” from you; hope you don’t mind!


  4. Thanks so much for your coverage of PUPkin.

    Haven’t talked to you in a while…. not since your major event. Please drop us a line and let’s catch up.

    Bark Master
    Brooklyn Bark Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services

  5. Hi Milena, Congrats on your new addition – just found out through the blog. Very adorable. Miss seeing you and Laly but I know life can be wild and crazy.

    Just wanted to see if you could post this. We found a Pugle in Brooklyn Heights and no signs etc., no calls etc. Very sweet boy. Any questions please let me know.
    Thank you Andrea

  6. Hi Milena, great blog you have and lovely dog too!
    I was wondering whether you might be interested in supporting a feature documentary I am making Oh My Dog! which is set in NYC. I have launched it on Kickstarter, and if I reach target, I will be coming to film in NY next Feb. I’m an independent filmmaker based in London, UK so very far from you right now!
    OMD! explores the doggy culture in NYC and what it means, what it reveals about society. It celebrates dogs and their unique contributions to mankind. We will be looking at the great things and some of the disturbing things happening to dogs (puppy mills, genetic modifications, rescue dogs, abandoned dogs…), there is a lot to say and we have created an animated dog, Gus , who is the narrator of the film….please check it on KS (oh My Dog!) or website:
    and Gus has his own love story in the film and links up all the theme explored…
    Let me know what you think and if you’d be interested in mentioning it on your blog….and if there was something we could film in Brooklyn, that would be fantastic!
    Many thanks,

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