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Take Your Dog Hiking with Discover Outdoors

The dog days of summer are over but that doesn’t mean a pooch can’t have fun in the fall.  I’m looking forward to spending time outdoors in cooler weather and started researching dog-friendly ideas beyond a a day of apple picking.  I came across a company called Discover Outdoors that offers day trips from New York City. They have a few things I want to do that include a midnight hike and lake swim but what really caught my eye on their site was a series of dog-friendly hikes. That’s right, organized hiking for city dogs and their humans. Discover Outdoors currently offers three types of hiking trips for you and your pooch. There’s even a hike for people without furry friends that allows them hike with adoptable dogs.


Beginner Hike and Hound and Hike and Hound Pine Meadow

A four-mile hike for beginners and a six mile option for fit folks and dogs around a beautiful lake. The day trip includes transportation from Manhattan, lakeside lunch and time for dogs to swim.  The tail wagging day is for both large and smaller dogs, allowing them to explore trails, branches, roots and leaves that are so different from the concrete sidewalks of New York City.

Hike with Adoptable Dogs

Don’t have a dog but want to hike with one?  You can hike with an adoptable dog from non-profit shelter, Animal Haven and give these animals some much needed fresh air, exercise and love. The day begins at Animal Haven in Soho, where you’ll get a private volunteer orientation that counts as the first of two for certification as an Animal Haven volunteer. Next you’ll meet your new best friend and enjoy a day of beauty of nature, fresh air, and good exercise.


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Brooklyn Dog Headlines-January 2013

Kudos to Lena Dunham, creator of “Girls” for adopting a dog from BARC! This month she became a proud dog mom to Lamby Dunham, a sweet, twelve pound pooch. We know she’ll take good care of Lamby because they were spotted at Vinegar Hill Vet for a wellness exam. Perhaps she’ll create a role for Lamby in Girls or enter him in the Brooklyn Mutt Show.

Lamby at Vinegar Hill Vet

Photo Courtesy of Vinegar Hill Pet

Prospect Park’s legendary Ghost Dog is up for adoption at Sean Casey Animal Rescue. This feral pooch roamed the green space without an owner for years.  We’re glad Ghost Dog was rescued and hope he finds the perfect forever home.


Photo courtesy of Stefano Giovannini/Brooklyn Daily

The Emergency Boarding Facility for Hurricane Sandy Pets created by the ASPCA is closing this month.  As of the first week in January, 129 happy reunions between pets and loving owners have taken place.

010913_reunion_1And now for a bonus news tidbit with no connection to Brooklyn. French photographer Erwan Fichou has created a series of pictures showing “dogs and their masters wearing coats or sweaters carefully knitted from lovingly gathered dog hair”. I joke about making a sweater each time I brush my Wheaten but some crazy folks out there have actually done this!

Photo: Erwan Fichou

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Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know about the great work being done by Sean Casey Animal Rescue and Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition. But did you know about Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue?  It wasn’t until a recent trip down the rabbit hole on Twitter that I discovered this kickass organization with a great name and tag line- “saving badass dogs from idiot humans”.

Brooklyn Badass is made up of a committed network of fosters and volunteers that rescue sweet, loving, adoptable dogs from high kill, rural shelters in the southern United States. Once pulled from  shelters, they provide dogs with  veterinary care and transport them north to foster and  forever homes. Since 2011, Badass has rescued over 600 dogs and placed them all in loving homes.

Betty, a 4-year old dachshund-chihuahua mix, is a Badass alum placed in a forever home in Park Slope.  From her Facebook page, you can tell that her new family is crazy about her and that she’s loving life as a Brooklyn dog.

Betty, the Badass alum, enjoying life in Park Slope.

Betty, the Badass alum, enjoying life in Park Slope.

Badass takes the adoption process seriously in order to place each dog in a home where they will thrive. They hold weekly events at NYC Pet in Williamsburg, where you can meet rescues. Visit their website and Tumblr page, The Daily Badass, to learn ab0ut upcoming events and ways you can get involved in this awesome group.

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Lost Puggle Alert-Brooklyn Heights

We just learned that Andrea at Rocco and Jezbel For Pets is caring for a lost Puggle found in Brooklyn Heights. The dog’s chip is registered with the AKC but the telephone number listed is invalid. A letter is being sent to the last known address, which is in New Jersey. The AKC waits about two weeks and if there is no response, they can give Rocco and Jezebel a rescue release.  Records indicate the dog was purchased at a place called The Pet Company, which is no  longer in business. The dog was born August 8, 2010. Please spread the word to reunite this poor pooch with its  family. This also serves as a reminder to update the information on your dog’s chip! Contact Rocco and Jezebel with any information: 718.855.8686.

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Second Annual Brooklyn Mutt Show-March 26 & 27

Mark your calendars, the Brooklyn Mutt Show is almost here! On March 26 and 27, Brooklyn Lyceum will once again host the festivities and the oh so darn cute contestants.  The show features activities, giveaways and even a Snooki look alike contest for the dog that looks most like Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. You’ll even be able to test your dog’s skill’s on the free agility course/dog run  courtesy of Doggie Academy and ask trainers questions. What I’m most fascinated by is the Doggie Zumba class listed on the site.  It’s $25 dollars to compete, free to attend and the proceeds will benefit the Toby Project.


Brooklyn Mutt Show II

Here’s a look at some of the contestants:

Jake, the 16 month-old old english sheepdog/siberian husky mix. We met him at the dog run and he's a winner!


The super shagged out Jupiter Jones


Flex, the adorable and highly adoptable contestant. Make his day and give him a home!



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From Kentucky to Brooklyn in Search of a Forever Home

Meet Charlie Brown and Mick. They are part German Shepard, part Lab Boxer and 100% adoptable and full of love.  These 11-week old pups were rescued from a crack addict’s trailer in Kentucky.  Charlie and Mick are now in Brooklyn in the care of Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue. They are done with drama and ready to fetch, give kisses, and play the day away in caring homes. Visit Louie’s Legacy to submit an adoption application online. The process involves a vet reference, personal reference check, interview and sometimes a home visit.   There is an adoption fee and all pups are altered, up-to-date on shots and fully vetted.

Charlie Brown

Charlie is an outgoing, curious and affectionate little boy, who loves to play and explore. He also loves to be held and cuddled. In spite of his rough beginning, Charlie is a plucky and happy puppy who loves people and likes nothing more than attention from them.  He will be highly trainable and already sits for his treat.  Charlie is more adventurous than his brother Mick who is also in foster and seems to adapt very well to new situations. Charlie wants to be where the action is!  Because of his energy level, we suggest a home with older children only for Charlie.  He will make a fantastic and devoted companion and will keep his family entertained and laughing while they  enjoy his  sweet and loving nature.


Mick is an easygoing, calm and loving boy, who is a little reserved and a little timid at first but then very quickly warms up .  He loves his toys and loves exploring, but also enjoys being held and cuddled.  Mick will be extremely trainable: he caught on to “sit” at lightning fast speed.—this is an extremely bright puppy with a gentle nature.  Unlike his brother, he will do well even with younger children –as long as they respect dogs and know how to handle them.  Mick has a docility unusual for a pup his age—and we can see his potential as a therapy or service dog when he grows up.  He will be a dog with a steady calming spirit and will be a terrific family dog.

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