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Lellebele’s Brooklyn Dog Life

There’s a new puppy in Cobble Hill and she’s damn cute. Her name is Lellebele and she has the same coloring as her human, Tennille. This pup rates rates high on the cuddleability scale and so far she’s well behaved. Actually, too well behaved for our taste because she makes Laly look like one naughty dog. We’ll fix that when she visits us and we let her climb up on the bed  and  eat people food. Here’s the scoop on Lelebelle and do say hello if you run into her in the neighborhood.



Name: Lellebel (also answers to “Monster”)
Breed: Australian Labradoodle
Sex: Female
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill
Personality: Curious, confident, and eager to make friends.
Hobbies: Tasting all the plants in Brooklyn.
Vocabulary: sit, down, stay, come, leave it and shake.
Favorite spot for walks: In the morning I like walking to Cobble Hill Park, sitting on my person and watching the people, and at night I can’t wait to walk to Brooklyn Bridge Park and get to the dog run!
Favorite Toy: A bright pink fox with a tennis ball body and and squeaky tail.
Pet Peeve: Leaving the dog park.
Fun fact: I was born in a speak easy in Pennsylvania.

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NYC’s Cutest Furry Friends + Skye Terriers at Kea on Atlantic

I just came across a slideshow on Time Out New York of cute critters that call the city’s shops, bars and other institutions home. A decent number of Brooklyn animals made the round-up but they were all cats. There was Monster who resides at the Brooklyn Brewery, Sadie at the New York Transit Museum and Tiny at the Park Slope Community Bookstore. The closest they came to a Brooklyn dog were the dingoes at the Prospect Park Zoo. What happened to Brooklyn’s shop dogs? I’m filling the void by giving some love to the Skye Terriers at Kea, the fancy carpet store on Atlantic Avenue. I once spotted the pair looking cool and composed while people watching atop a pile of pricey carpets.  The last time I peeked in the shop to ask for them, I learned they were enjoying some time in the country. Now that’s the life!

Tiny the Park Slope Community Bookstore cat. Courtesy of TONY.

Dingoes at the Prospect Park Zoo. Courtesy of TONY.

Skye Terriers at Kea on Atlantic Avenue

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Avery and Nola’s Brooklyn Dog Life

Here’s a double dose of cuteness from Jenna Giannasio, co-owner of School of Walk, a downtown Brooklyn-based dog walking and pet sitting service. School of Walk prides itself on walking no more than three dogs at a time and providing reinforcement and training on basic commands during walks. Jenna is mom to rescues, Avery and Nola.

Name: Avery
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex: Female
Neighborhood: Boerum Hill
Personality: Loves people and is especially fond of little kids.  A big snuggler with loads of playful energy. Also a little anxious about other dogs,but loves her adopted sister, Nola!
Hobbies: Napping, eating peanut butter out of her Kong, playing with her sister, licking faces and racing up and down the hall and the stairs.
Vocabulary: Sit, down, look, touch, stay and let’s go for a walk!
Favorite spot for walks: Beautiful green blocks in Boerum Hill.
Favorite Toy: Busy Buddy-what’s better than a toy that gives you treats when you play with it?
Pet Peeve: Cats!
Hidden Talent: Sleeping sprawled out on the bed on her back, taking up all the room!

Name: Nola
Breed: Cane Corso
Sex: Female
Neighborhood: Boerum Hill
Personality: Really excited about everything.  Having been found wandering in Prospect Park, we think she’s just thrilled about having a regular home and routine and her sister Avery to play with.
Hobbies: Snoring, playing with her sister, poking around in the cat box, chewing on bones.
Vocabulary: Sit, touch, wait, out, look…her vocabulary is still developing!
Favorite spot for walks: Wherever Avery goes and is also a big fan of the Hillside dog run
Favorite Toy: Anything she can chew on!
Pet Peeve: Being prevented from eating her sister’s dinner when she’s finished with her own.
Best Feature: World’s cutest underbite

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From Kentucky to Brooklyn in Search of a Forever Home

Meet Charlie Brown and Mick. They are part German Shepard, part Lab Boxer and 100% adoptable and full of love.  These 11-week old pups were rescued from a crack addict’s trailer in Kentucky.  Charlie and Mick are now in Brooklyn in the care of Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue. They are done with drama and ready to fetch, give kisses, and play the day away in caring homes. Visit Louie’s Legacy to submit an adoption application online. The process involves a vet reference, personal reference check, interview and sometimes a home visit.   There is an adoption fee and all pups are altered, up-to-date on shots and fully vetted.

Charlie Brown

Charlie is an outgoing, curious and affectionate little boy, who loves to play and explore. He also loves to be held and cuddled. In spite of his rough beginning, Charlie is a plucky and happy puppy who loves people and likes nothing more than attention from them.  He will be highly trainable and already sits for his treat.  Charlie is more adventurous than his brother Mick who is also in foster and seems to adapt very well to new situations. Charlie wants to be where the action is!  Because of his energy level, we suggest a home with older children only for Charlie.  He will make a fantastic and devoted companion and will keep his family entertained and laughing while they  enjoy his  sweet and loving nature.


Mick is an easygoing, calm and loving boy, who is a little reserved and a little timid at first but then very quickly warms up .  He loves his toys and loves exploring, but also enjoys being held and cuddled.  Mick will be extremely trainable: he caught on to “sit” at lightning fast speed.—this is an extremely bright puppy with a gentle nature.  Unlike his brother, he will do well even with younger children –as long as they respect dogs and know how to handle them.  Mick has a docility unusual for a pup his age—and we can see his potential as a therapy or service dog when he grows up.  He will be a dog with a steady calming spirit and will be a terrific family dog.

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Reggie’s Brooklyn Dog Life

Name: Reggie (aka The Reg-Man)
Breed:English Springer Spaniel
Sex: Male
Neighborhood: Park Slope
Personality: Shy, but I love pats once I get to know you.
Hobbies: Eating napkins I find on the sidewalk, getting belly rubs, napping, tracking squirrels.
Vocabulary: “Up” for the 4 flights of stairs to my apartment, “Paw” and “Other paw,” and “Touch.”
Favorite spot for walks: Zooming around Prospect Park during off leash hours.
Favorite Toy: The squeaky sheep and the cow with the empty water bottle inside. It makes a great crinkly sound.
Pet Peeve: Having my ears cleaned
Fun fact: If you hold my front paws up, I’ll “dance” with you.


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Ollie’s Brooklyn Dog Life

Meet Ollie, the fun-loving pooch who is a part of the BoCoCa Wheaten Terrier pack. There’s no shortage of these fabulous teddy bear-like dogs in Brooklyn and we just love meeting other Wheatens out on walks. Make sure to say hello to Ollie and his mom Kassie, if you see them around the neighborhood.

Name: Ollie (aka Ollie Bear or Boo Boo)
Breed: Wheaten
Sex: Male
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens
Personality: friendly, silly and cuddly
Hobbies: napping in his puppy crate which he refuses to give up with his head on a toy, watching out the window, sitting on the stairs in the backyard looking for cats that need to be chased out of his territory
Vocabulary: “let’s go”, “cookie”, “treat”, “walk” and most importantly “car”
Favorite spot for walks: anywhere he’s going quickly with the wind in his face, but especially the beach
Favorite Toy: the stuffed birthday cake, the monkey and the armadillo are tied for all time faves
Pet Peeve: vacuum cleaners and getting brushed
Best Friend: Marley, a black cocker spaniel, who also lives in the neighborhood

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Brooklyn Photobooth Dogs

Cameron Woo, co-founder and creative director for The Bark has culled through thousands of photographs to create his new book, Photobooth Dogs. Featuring more than 100 portraits of dogs taken in photobooths over the last 80 years, Woo celebrates the age-old bond between people and their beloved pets.

The book even includes a few photos of Brooklyn dogs. Here’s what Woo had to say about photobooths and Brooklyn:

Photobooths and Brooklyn have a long history together … soon after the invention of the photobooth in 1925 by a Russian immigrant, Anatol Josepho, they became a fixture at public gathering places—train and bus stations, fairs and expositions, and amusement parks. Coney Island’s popular boardwalk contained several photobooths—visitors would crowd into the booth to create a memento of their trip to the seaside. It was the perfect accompaniment to a world of arcades and coin operated entertainment, and the frivolity that characterized the boardwalk. Small tin frames were sold to hold single frames of the snapshots, with a place on the back to list the “Date”, “Taken At”, and “Message”. It’s common to find photobooth snapshots with Coney Island scribbled on to the back. The photostrips were cut and given to friends and family, as a reminder of their Coney Island holiday.

Sailors on leave, often posed for souvenir photos

Woman and her dog, noted Brooklyn, 1939 on the back

Photobooth frame back


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