Lellebele’s Brooklyn Dog Life

There’s a new puppy in Cobble Hill and she’s damn cute. Her name is Lellebele and she has the same coloring as her human, Tennille. This pup rates rates high on the cuddleability scale and so far she’s well behaved. Actually, too well behaved for our taste because she makes Laly look like one naughty dog. We’ll fix that when she visits us and we let her climb up on the bed  and  eat people food. Here’s the scoop on Lelebelle and do say hello if you run into her in the neighborhood.



Name: Lellebel (also answers to “Monster”)
Breed: Australian Labradoodle
Sex: Female
Neighborhood: Cobble Hill
Personality: Curious, confident, and eager to make friends.
Hobbies: Tasting all the plants in Brooklyn.
Vocabulary: sit, down, stay, come, leave it and shake.
Favorite spot for walks: In the morning I like walking to Cobble Hill Park, sitting on my person and watching the people, and at night I can’t wait to walk to Brooklyn Bridge Park and get to the dog run!
Favorite Toy: A bright pink fox with a tennis ball body and and squeaky tail.
Pet Peeve: Leaving the dog park.
Fun fact: I was born in a speak easy in Pennsylvania.

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One response to “Lellebele’s Brooklyn Dog Life

  1. Lellebel

    Thanks Laly and Laly’s parents. I’ll try to not let the attention go to my head.

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