Kickstart Oh My Dog! Bring a NYC Dogumentary to the Big Screen


Every now and then we come across a project on Kickstarter that we get excited about. This is the case for Oh My Dog!, a documentary that explores the explosion of dog culture in New York City and what it reveals about the human condition. The film, which features a mix of live action and animation, is the brainchild of Rani Khanna, an established documentary filmmaker based in London. Dog lovers will want to see this film on the big screen and have until January 4th to help Kickstart it.


Oh My Dog! follows Ada Nieves, a pet fashion designer, entrenched in New York City’s pet scene as she deals with the stress of organizing the pet fashion show of the year. However, there’s more to the film than dogs in designer duds. Interwoven with Ada’s drama is the story of Gus, the film’s animated mutt narrator who falls for a pedigree pooch. Throughout the film, Gus explores the different themes related to the cultural dog phenomenon: money, science, relationships, love and the evolving role of dogs. He also introduces us to the film’s contributors, that include an Iraq War veteran and their service dog, an ethologist, pet intuitive; Denise Zak and pet journalist; Julia Szabo.


Ada Nieves and her pups.

Rani Khanna has always been intrigued by the relationship between man and dog and the recent explosion of dog culture. She says, “I want to find out why is this happening now and what does this reveal about Western society today. Dogs have become more important and meaningful in our lives and continue to help people and society in so many different ways – OMD! addresses this and celebrates the only animal with the privileged status of being man’s best friend.”

Visit Kickstarter to view the film’s trailer and support its completion. I know that we look forward to seeing Gus on the big screen.

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