Woof for Woofshire Farms

Treats go a long way in our home. The minute Laly hears the word ‘treat’, she stops dead in her tracks, sits and awaits a morsel of goodness. This comes in handy when she’s trying to steal food from her little sister, has run off into the hallway and in countless situations.

Laly sitting for Woofshire Farms treats.

We’re happy to have discovered new treats to add to our high value list. They’re from Woofshire Farms, a New York City based specialty brand. For the past two weeks, Laly has been enjoying Woofshire’s grain-free Bacon Cheeseburger variety. She loves the way they taste and I love that they’re made with just five ingredients: chickpea flour, prosciutto, parmasean cheese, beef broth and eggs. When you hear about dog food recalls every other day, it’s great to know Woofshire Farms’ ingredients are American-sourced from reliable sources.

Woofshire makes a four treat varieties: Bacon Cheeseburger, their grain-free option; Ruv Roos, made with sweet potato and peanut butter; Ruv Roos Mini and Big Apple Crunch, which is the Ruv Roos base with blueberries, carrots and bananas. The company is just a year old and was started by Devin Newmeyer. After being laid off for the third time from the financial printing industry due to outsourcing, he decided it was time to do something he was passionate about. His rescue dog Jessie, is Woofshire Farms’ official tester and a percentage of sales are donated to animal charities.

Disclosure: we received free treats for review from Woofshire Farms.

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