Join the Train Humane Campaign

Every year millions of unsuspecting dogs and pups are choked, pinched, yanked and pulled on by their collars or training tools. To raise awareness and change dog owners’ behavior, Alecia Evans, a Holistic Dog Trainer and Animal Wellness Consultant, started the Train Humane Campaign, with September 27 as its official awareness day.

The mission of the Train Humane Campaign is to end the choking of dogs and pups  by evolving the tools people use to train them. In other words, lose the medieval choke collar and get with the humane harness. Alecia Evans is on a mission to educate dog owners about the benefits of proper fitting harnesses and the behavioral changes they lead to. The campaign’s goal is to be 3 million dogs strong by Sept 27, 2013.

We know the benefits, firsthand with Laly. As new dog owners we never used  a choke collar, but did use a standard neck collar. This was no fun for either of us since she yanked and tugged, choking herself and took us for a wild ride during each walk. The minute we started using a harness, our problem was solved.

According to the Train Humane Campaign,  dog owners are causing damage to their pets such as tracheal injuries, neck subluxations, spinal misalignments, tearing of retinal tissue in the eye, soft tissue damage in neck and esophageal damage.   Alecia Evans says, “the time has come to evolve the tools we use to train our dogs and pups to make them safer, pain and choke free, completely humane and respectful of our dog’s bodies.” Visit the campaign’s site to get the facts on neck collars vs. harnesses and join the Train Humane movement.



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3 responses to “Join the Train Humane Campaign

  1. Great post – this is something many pet owners would have no idea about! This is another cause I am trying to create awareness for – – dogs donating blood to save other dogs. Please share and comment on it, so pet owners can become aware of the fact their dog could save the life of another dog!

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