Swifto’s Tech Savvy Dog Walking Service Expands to Brooklyn

Swifto, the Manhattan-based, tech savvy dog walking company has expanded its service area to include Brooklyn. Among the neighborhoods covered are DUMBO, Brooklyn Heights, BoCoCa and Williamsburg (see map below for complete list).  While there are plenty of dog walkers in the borough we think Swifto has what it takes to claim a stake in Brooklyn. Here’s what we’re excited about:

GPS tracking app—Swifto has a GPS tracking system that sends you a message when your walk begins. Go online in real time and track your dog’s walk, see where they did their business and for how long they were out. Each walk ends with a picture of your pooch to put a smile on your face while you’re stuck in the office.

24/7 Walks—need a walker on a Sunday at 6am? No problem. They prefer 24 hour scheduling notice but it’s good to know there’s an around-the-clock walker when something comes up.

Private Dog Walks—it’s just your dog and their walker (screened, bonded and insured). You won’t find a pack of rowdy dogs here.

We haven’t needed a walk just yet but we did schedule a meet and greet to get to know one of Swifto’s walkers. We met with Emily, a dog-loving actress from California who recently moved to Brooklyn. She was friendly and asked all the right questions about Laly’s habits, behavior, preferences and best places for walks in the neighborhood. I also learned they will take your pooch to nearby dog runs.

In case you’re thinking about using Swifto, here’s how they compare to one of BoCoCa’s popular dog walking services. The BoCoCa service charges $19 for solo weekday walks and $26 on weekends. However, they currently aren’t accepting new dogs for solo walks. Swifto’s 30-minute walks cost $20, any time and day of the week and you can save a few bucks by purchasing packages. Convenience factor aside, we can’t wait to check out the GPS feature when we schedule our first walk. Let us know what you think when you sign up your pooch.

Swifto available in green areas of map.


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2 responses to “Swifto’s Tech Savvy Dog Walking Service Expands to Brooklyn

  1. Why would a dog owner with a regular dog walker instead switch to Swifto, which devours a 40% commission? Just because of GPS? Nope: dog walkers can snap and text a picture of the dog at pick up and drop off. No way, Joseph!

    I see Swifto capturing only the small submarket of “emergency dog walks.”

    • You have a bring up a good point. However, some healthy competition is a good thing in all markets. The ma and pa dog walkers of the world need to step up their game and start sending those cute text messages with dog pics. I’ve heard of a few already incorporating the GPS and texting into their business model.

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