Pier 6 Dog Run Gets a Makeover

Say goodbye to dusty pink paws on your pooch and paw prints ruining your clothes and carpeting after a visit to the Pier 6 Dog Run. The Atlantic Avenue run now sports brand new dust-free, bleed-free gravel! During a recent makeover, the run’s pink stones were replaced with sand colored gravel and a concrete ledge was added to the dog fountain/shower area, to elevate it and prevent a mud pit each time it’s used.

Pier 6 Dog Run gets a makeover!

Thanks to Tyra Bombetto and everyone that helped make this happen. For the past year (if not longer), we’ve heard about Pink Dogs Unite, a group started by Bombetto to replace the notorious pink gravel. Tons of stones were tested and the runners-up were even displayed at the run for feedback from dog owners.

After a few visits to the run, the new stones passed the test. I happened to be wearing black from head to toe and didn’t leave covered in a dusty paste. More importantly, the dogs weren’t covered in any residue from the gravel. Given Laly’s wheaten coloring, she gets lost in a sea of beige. It took her a few visits to get used to the new gravel but she’s now a happy camper. We just have to wait for the thick layer of pebble to settle and disperse so it doesn’t feel like walking on quick sand for the humans and Laly can get her competitive edge back when chasing after other pups.

Wheaten greeting camouflage at the newly made over Pier 6 Dog Run.


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