Mr. Chewy Delivers Pet Happiness

The way to Laly’s heart is through treats. Lots of them at all times of day. Keeping this in mind, Mr. Chewy seems to have won her over. Mr. Chewy is a new online pet store that carries 70 plus brands of dog food, treats, and some supplies. We recently received a $50 credit to shop on Mr. Chewy and in turn provide an honest review of the site and service.

Using the site’s “grain free” search feature we set out on a quest for yummy treats. We were  happy to find our favorite Stella & Chewy treats otherwise known as doggie crack for a reasonable $9.99. The new chain pet store that opened in our neighborhood doesn’t carry these and the ma and pa stores charge anywhere between $10 and $13 for them. We spent the rest of our credit on Greenies, a massive Merrick bone and Wellness treats.  Check-out was hassle-free and  to Laly’s delight our package arrived in one business day

Laly enjoying her messy bone! Yes, she uses a placemat to not make too much of a mess.

Overall, we give Mr. Chewy three out of fours paws for having a well designed and searchable site with a great selection of food and treats. I’ll save that fourth paw for when they carry  a wider range of products such as dog toys and gear to truly make it a one-stop-shopping experience.

Here’s what we like the most about Mr. Chewy:

  • Subscription based ordering for hassle free delivery of your favorite products. The site lets you set up a monthly shipment of your pet’s food and forget about it.
  • Referral program-Friends get 10 percent off their first order and Mr. Chewy donates $10 to an animal charity of your choice for each referral.  Use referral code MILE 6114 (I don’t receive any incentives from this)
  • Free shipping for orders over $49
  • Fast shipping-our order came within 2 days

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