Puppy Social Hour and Doggy Spa Day at Wag Club

Although it doesn’t quite feel like winter, this great weather won’t last forever and you’ll soon be looking for indoor activities to keep Fido entertained. Look no further than Wag Club, which is hosting an ongoing weekly puppy social hour and one time Valentine’s Day inspired doggy spa day.

Puppy Social Hour

For pups 4 months and under and their owners.  Learn about dog behavior and problem solving tips while you and your new pooch socialize with others.  The critical period when canines form ‘opinions’ of the world is between week 3 and 16.  If you want a cool, calm companion for years to come, this is an important first step. The class is supervised by certified trainer Robert Haussmann CPDT-KA of Dogboy, Inc.  Drinks are provided by Waterfront Wines & Spirits.  So it’s not just about whining puppies…it’s about wine and puppies!

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