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Start the new year on the right paw by focusing on a few resolutions to benefit both you and Fido. Take more walks, sign up for an obedience class and most importantly, protect your pet from unexpected illness. If you’ve been thinking about pet health insurance, now is the perfect time to do some homework and obtain coverage for your pooch. Below is advice from our friends, Pets at Home in the UK on the importance of dog insurance and how to select the best policy.

When you first get your puppy or dog there will be many things on your mind. What is the best diet to feed your new pet? How often should you take them for a walk? When will they finally be house trained? However, one of the first things you should take care of is securing a comprehensive dog insurance policy.

Having dog insurance is extremely important. Should your dog be injured or fall ill and require treatment, you could be faced with a large vet bill to pay. Unfortunately, vet prices continue to rise, often placing pet owners under financial duress when their pet needs treatment.

In today’s economic climate any unsuspected extra expenses can cause difficulties. While dog insurance doesn’t cover routine visits to the vet for checks and jabs, it will cover more substantial treatment needed for injuries or illnesses.

When you’re comparing policies, make sure you choose one that provides adequate financial coverage for short term and long term courses of treatment.

 One of the best ways to compare policy details and prices is to use online comparison sites. Using the services of these internet sites can help you find cheap dog insurance quotes and ensure the policy you purchase provides the coverage you require.

What else can dog insurance provide? If your dog causes damage to someone’s property you may be held liable for any costs involved. It’s wise to ensure liability insurance is included within your policy to make sure you’re covered for any expenses resulting from accidents involving your dog.

Nobody likes to think about the possibility of their pet being stolen, lost or passing away, but sadly this can happen. When shopping for dog insurance you may also want to consider a policy that will assist you with replacing your pet should you experience their loss.

You should also ensure that boarding fees for your dog will be covered in case you need to be away from home unexpectedly and can’t find someone to care for your pet. This particularly applies to people who live alone with their dog.

Invest time and effort into finding the right dog insurance policy that provides comprehensive coverage. After all, it’s the best way to protect you and your dog.

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