Shake Shack Brooklyn Dog Menu

After much anticipation, Shake Shack in Downtown Brooklyn is finally open. During our visit we were elated to spot a section for dogs on the menu. The next time you give into in a burger craving, make sure to pick up a treat for your pooch. The menu features the Pooch-ini, a custard treat for canines and Bag O’ Bones dog biscuits.  

Laly was even allowed to enter burger nirvana by an employee who assumed the place was dog friendly since they served dog treats. We thought it was weird but went along with it until we were told to wait outside by another staff member. Once home, Laly only had eyes for her Pooch-ini and actually let us eat our food in peace. I’m also happy to report that a big serving of custard didn’t make her sick. Tonight’s dinner was a win-win for all.  

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