Keep Your Dog On A Tight Leash

Brooklyn dog owners beware. Dognappings are on the rise with three incidents occurring just this month. The most recent involves Matsu, the Yorkie who was dognapped in Fort Greene while its owner stepped into a deli. Remember that it only takes a minute for some creep to snatch your dog. You wouldn’t leave a kid alone so don’t do it with Fido.

During another incident, Winston the Westie got away from his owners in Prospect Park during off-leash hours. After being found and returned to a police officer, Winston was stupidly given away to a group of women in a car with Virginia license plates who falsely claimed to be his owners. Over a week later and this poor pooch is still missing. The only good thing to come of this tragedy is that during their frantic search, Winston’s owners were able to reunite another missing dog with its family.

This month I also read about a few dogs that got away from their walkers. You’ll be relieved to learn that Jack’s story in Brooklyn Heights has a happy ending. Jack was safely returned home after his owners canvassed the neighborhood with news of his disappearance. He was found thanks to some folks with a few Frenchies, the 2 NYPD officers who caught him, Monster Mutts, Mobile Mutts and other walkers and searchers. It was great to see neighbors post sightings and help with the rescue effort on the Brooklyn Heights Blog.

Now that I’ve spooked you into never leaving your dog’s side, remember to get your dog microchipped. It’s quick, painless, inexpensive and could help you recover a lost pet. Also consider investing in a device like Tagg, which uses GPS tracking technology that allows you to see where your dog is and be notified if they wander off. We had our own scare this month after Laly decided to go on rumspringa during our beach vacation. Blame us, blame an open fence but the important thing is that we got her back after the longest ten minutes of my life. No dog owner should have to go through that.

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One response to “Keep Your Dog On A Tight Leash

  1. jacquelincangro

    I’m so glad that Laly is okay. That must have been so scary.

    I always cringe a little when I see dogs tied up outside stores. It only takes a moment for someone to walk off with your dog or for him to get loose. It’s just not worth it.

    I’d never heard of the Tagg system. Sounds ingenious.

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