Brooklyn Dog Butts & The Dog Scene

Look out for the Brooklyn puparazzi the next time you’re out walking the dog. The Dog Scene and Brooklyn Dog Butts are capturing the fluffy mugs and rear ends of neighborhood pooches. Since we came across these blogs, they’ve been at the top of our procrastination reading list.

The Dog Scene describes itself as capturing and celebrating those gleeful moments when dogs of all breeds, colors, shapes and sizes take to the street on their daily walks and get to show their stuff. It was started by dog and photography lovers, James and Barbara who frequent the pooch friendly Smorgasbord, Mr. Sunday parties and neighborhoods from Cobble Hill to Williamsburg.

According to Brooklyn Dog Butts, the site is a schizophrenic photo blog of life in Brooklyn and beyond featuring food, music, fashion and dogs and their butts. The dog butt of the day is guaranteed to make you smile.

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  1. Thanks for nice write up!

    All best,
    The Dog Scene

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