Summer Reading

Good Dog

You’re missing out, if you’re not reading magazines on your iPad. Sleek design, interactive features, and the list goes on. This week, Good Dog, a new iPad magazine for dog lovers made its debut. The premiere issue features a Q&A with Art Smith, chef, restauranteur, and proud dog owner; the dog-friendly designs of Japanese architect Kiji Hirose; and Heidi Lender’s stylish pet photography. Good Dog was created by Sonia Zjawinski, co-founder of our favorite pet blog, Pawesome. From what we’ve seen, we love the covers, content, and look forward to more. The first issue is available for free and subsequent weekly issues are $1 or $10 for a yearly subscription.

Unconditional Loss

Brooklyn doctors, Orrin Lippoff and Mladen Solar have teamed up to co-author Unconditional Loss, a medical thriller with dogs at heart. The novel’s plot is centered around a mysterious epidemic that is killing dogs world wide and the researcher who battles corporate greed and political corruption to prevent canine extinction. “We hope to give an understanding of what the loss of dogs might mean, and a deeper appreciation of what our loving dogs contribute to our society,” says Dr. Lippoff. The authors will donate 25 percent of net profits from the book to the New York ASPCA.

Dr. Solar and his grand dog Stan

Dr. Lippoff's Brooklyn dogs, Alvin and Alice


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