Freshpet for the Pampered Pet

Blogging recently crossed paths with my day job and here I am testing dog food for work research. As a result, Laly has become a four-legged food critic and up for review is Freshpet, a line of fresh, refrigerated pet food that is minimally processed and preservative free. Freshpet makes a few types of food from Vital, meat based and grain-free, inspired by the primal diet to a Veterinary Nutrition line. Using Fresh Direct we placed an order for the Freshpet Select Homestyle  and Slice and Serve foods along with Dog Joy Treats. The next day, Laly greeted the deliver guy with a bark and proceeded to wag her tail for the goodies that awaited.

First we sampled the Dog Joy Chicken Treats. These mini sausages were an immediate hit and had Laly sitting on command.

Pros:  the treats consist of just a few ingredients: chicken, ground oats, broth, salt, and natural flavors. Having a Wheaten Terrier with food allergies and a sensitive stomach, this minimal ingredient list is reassuring.

Cons: Dog Joy Treats will make fine at-home snacks but aren’t practical for travel since they require refrigeration. A bag will only last two weeks in the fridge.

Next we tried Freshpet Select Homestyle. These individual meals consist of mini meatballs with veggies in light gravy. For dog food, it looked appealing and like something I’d make in the slow cooker.

Pros: minimal ingredients (chicken, eggs, rice, carrots, peas, vitamins) and wheat-free for all the allergic pooches. We loved the resealable containers and heartiness. Great as a stand alone or addition to dry food.

Cons: also not practical for travel due to the need for refrigeration. These meals can add up in cost since you need to buy individual servings at close to $3.00 each. We’re used to buying our fancy kibble in bulk to save $.

The last food we sampled was Slice and Serve. Think Homestyle gets compressed into a tube-like package resembling a sausage.

Pros: same simple ingredients and vitamin enriched, you get multiple servings from one tube.

Cons: I couldn’t get over the food’s appearance. It resembled processed meat and just wasn’t appealing for me to serve. Packaging not resealable.

A true chow hound, Laly happily scarfed down her treats and food. I really like the concept of fresh dog food but it’s too high maintenance for our lifestyle. In our case, wet food also makes for runny poop on sidewalks, which is no fun to pick up. Having discovered Fresh Pet’s Homemade Select, I’d incorporate it into Laly’s dry food for a special treat. Follow the Fresh Pet Truck on Twitter as it makes its rounds to get a sample and see what you think.


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One response to “Freshpet for the Pampered Pet

  1. Anne

    I’d guess the sudden change in diet is what is responsible for the runny poop, and not just the fact that the food itself is wet.

    That being said – wow, can’t believe it costs that much. I don’t spend $3 per serving for my own food most days. Agree that the stuff in the tube looks gross – I’d feel like I’m feeding bologna or something, yuck.

    I’ve seen some freeze-dried food out there that you add water to before serving. If I ever change from grain-free kibble I’ll probably go in that direction.

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