Meetups for Brooklyn Dogs

After a few false alarms it looks like spring is finally here.  That means it’s time for restless dogs and owners to come out of hibernation. For those looking for more than a romp at the dog run, check out Meetup for some doggie/human social activities. Meetup has something for everyone from puppy play dates and breed specific get togethers to boot camp style workouts with your pooch. Here’s a selection of upcoming events.

Adopted Dogs NYC, a meetup for shelter dogs and the awesome people who adopt them. The next meeting is on May 22 in Prospect Park where you’ll enjoy a leisurely stroll through the park while making new dog friends.

Want to meet other Brooklyn Chihuahuas and their owners? There’s a group for you that meets on June 19. Same goes for Border Collies!

Puppy Social Meet & Greet, sponsored by Empire of the Dog for pups 5 months and under because it’s never too soon to start socializing. Check it out on May 24.

Puppy Power Bootcamp is for fitness freaks who want to break a sweat with fido. It’s led by a personal trainer Julie K and her energetic bulldog, Leo. Next one meets on June 12.


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2 responses to “Meetups for Brooklyn Dogs

  1. Who ever heard of an energetic bulldog? Odd.

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