From Kentucky to Brooklyn in Search of a Forever Home

Meet Charlie Brown and Mick. They are part German Shepard, part Lab Boxer and 100% adoptable and full of love.  These 11-week old pups were rescued from a crack addict’s trailer in Kentucky.  Charlie and Mick are now in Brooklyn in the care of Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue. They are done with drama and ready to fetch, give kisses, and play the day away in caring homes. Visit Louie’s Legacy to submit an adoption application online. The process involves a vet reference, personal reference check, interview and sometimes a home visit.   There is an adoption fee and all pups are altered, up-to-date on shots and fully vetted.

Charlie Brown

Charlie is an outgoing, curious and affectionate little boy, who loves to play and explore. He also loves to be held and cuddled. In spite of his rough beginning, Charlie is a plucky and happy puppy who loves people and likes nothing more than attention from them.  He will be highly trainable and already sits for his treat.  Charlie is more adventurous than his brother Mick who is also in foster and seems to adapt very well to new situations. Charlie wants to be where the action is!  Because of his energy level, we suggest a home with older children only for Charlie.  He will make a fantastic and devoted companion and will keep his family entertained and laughing while they  enjoy his  sweet and loving nature.


Mick is an easygoing, calm and loving boy, who is a little reserved and a little timid at first but then very quickly warms up .  He loves his toys and loves exploring, but also enjoys being held and cuddled.  Mick will be extremely trainable: he caught on to “sit” at lightning fast speed.—this is an extremely bright puppy with a gentle nature.  Unlike his brother, he will do well even with younger children –as long as they respect dogs and know how to handle them.  Mick has a docility unusual for a pup his age—and we can see his potential as a therapy or service dog when he grows up.  He will be a dog with a steady calming spirit and will be a terrific family dog.


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