Doggie Day Trips to the Great Outdoors

Move over doggie day care, Doggie Day Trips is here. Created by John Bingaman, a former veterinary technician, Doggie Day Trips provides year-round outdoor getaways for city dogs.

“Growing up, I always took my own dogs out for daily hikes and I wanted to be able to do that for city dogs,” said John. “After much planning, preparation, and finally working up the guts to quit my full-time job, the first Doggie Day Trip happened three years ago.”

Doggie Day Trips provides mutts with hours of hiking, swimming, and quality time in the country. Most trips are an hour from New York City and consist of five to six hours of fun time for dogs. Some of John’s favorite spots include Harriman State Park with over 300 miles of marked hiking trails and a few New Jersey State Parks.

According to John, one of the great things about his service is that dogs have a chance to socialize off-leash. A typical outing consists of between three and seven dogs. However, for older dogs, or dogs whose owners prefer they go out alone, he can arrange customized trips.

Safety is a priority on hikes and in the car. John says, “We always make time for breaks and rests, as needed and we do stop for water and snacks on every trip. We also provide roundtrip transportation for the dogs ourselves and take every precaution to ensure their safety, which includes using crates or seat belts provided by the owner.”

Doggie Day Trips is based in Williamsburg and is fully bonded, insured and a member of Pet Sitters International. They cater to adventure dogs in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Contact John to schedule a meeting and sign up your pooch for a Doggie Daytrip. A special discount will be offered to ABDL readers.


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6 responses to “Doggie Day Trips to the Great Outdoors

  1. Carey

    This is a great idea. Thanks for the post.

  2. Sara

    I wish I had a dog to go on Doggie Day Trips!

  3. Ari

    There is a great Yahoo Group called Harriman Hike .

    I’m a member and they post almost daily group hikes as well.

    Here’s the info….

    This group is for those who enjoy hiking with dogs (or without) and walking in NY, and NJ, in Harriman Park and wish to arrange informal hikes with others.All our hikes are dog hikes. We have a regular Friday group hike, as well as lesser dog friendly hikes earlier in the week. Hikers in greater NYC New York/New Jersey area are welcome. We hike the Appalachian Trail, Sterling Forest, Hewitt, Ringwood, Ramapo and other neighboring parks within easy distance of the area. Photo taken 2/2/11 by Susan on 7 hills trail–Theo appears in the mist of an icy rain.

  4. China

    Need more info,my great dane Skye will love it! Thanks

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