City Council Passes Dog Tethering Bill

New York City dogs earned extra rights today thanks to the City Council’s new dog tethering bill. Under the bill, which passed with a 47-1 vote, dog owners will be fined and can even face jail time for leaving dogs chained outdoors for three or more hours. Tethering for any period of time seems like animal abuse but I guess we have to start somewhere… First time offenders will receive a warning and or $250 fine and subsequent violations can cost as much as $500 along with 90 days in jail. The bill also prohibits the use of choke or pinch collars and tethers that are too heavy or can become entangled. This applies to dogs left chained in public spaces and even their own backyards. Now it’s up to concerned neighbors to report cases of abuse. The bill is a good first step against animal cruelty but let’s also get some PSAs about this topic out there to educate the public.

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2 responses to “City Council Passes Dog Tethering Bill

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  2. jacquelincangro

    This is good news! Baby steps – we’ll hope for the day when it is completely illegal. Thanks for getting the word out.

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