Evermore Dog Food: From Brooklyn with Love

Evermore, a Brooklyn-based line of gourmet, sustainable, human-grade dog food, celebrates its first birthday this month. At this time last year, dog lovers Hanna Mandelbaum and Alison Wiener were busy turning an innovative concept into a reality by incorporating their independent pet food business.

Alison is a former magazine editor who survived the dot-com boom, got an MA in linguistics, and ultimately trained to be a health-supportive chef. Hanna is a former bike messenger, artist, amateur aerialist, and superlative dog-walker and trainer. The duo fell into the business since Hanna’s close friend and dog walking client had been creating cooked diets for dogs on a cottage scale for a few years.

“My friend became ill and passed away – but not before passing along the seedling that would grow into Evermore,” said Hanna. “Though we had basic recipes and a small but dedicated clientele, we put a LOT of energy, research and science into developing formulas that are nutritionally superior for commercial distribution.”

Evermore meets the AAFCO nutritional requirements for adult maintenance as a complete diet. The USDA certified, antibiotic and hormone-free meals are made in the Hudson Valley and available in chicken and beef formulas. The chicken meal is made up of thigh and breast meat along with nutrient dense heart and livers from high quality poultry places like Freebird and Bell and Evans. For the beef version, Hanna and Alison use Neiman Ranch meat. The team takes pride in sourcing local ingredients from the Northeast, including wild berries and kelp from Maine.

Hanna and Alison are so behind the quality of their ingredients and the integrity of their recipes that next year they plan to launch an ‘Evermore Me’ campaign. “Both of us will eat only the ingredients in our food, or the finished product for a month with a few treat allowances while documenting the process and results,” said Hanna. The pet food duo also plans to create an alternative protein sensitivity diet and a cat food line.

Evermore headquarters are in Red Hook’s Van Brunt Street where the team’s day starts by taking Connor, their beloved spokesdog, to the Ikea water front for a run. Back at the office, Connor lounges on the couch and plays with other dogs while Hanna and Alison work. The team’s perfect dog-friendly day includes baking delicious treats, a stop at Mission Dolores, and an after hours off-leash romp in Red Hook’s Coffey Park.

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