Laly’s Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is just a few days away but there’s still time to get your pooch the perfect holiday gift. Laly’s rounded-up some of her favorite things to help you with last minute shopping. Laly has been a good girl this year so feel free to make her Christmas dreams come true by sending any of these her way.

The Sock Monkey Dog Sweater

Described as an instant monkey kit, this sweater rates high on the cute meter while keeping your pup warm.

Cozy Cave Dog Bed

A perfect winter retreat after a long day of play for the dog who likes to den.


Dog Tornado

Test your dog’s smarts with Nina Ottoson’s award-winning line of puzzle toys.


Gus’ Jerky For Dogs

Both Laly and her dad love Gary West jerky. These smoked meat treats for people and pups come in elk, buffalo and angus.


Giant Ugly Doll

Some kids dream of getting a pony for Christmas but all Laly really wants is a giant ugly doll to wrestle with.

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