Ollie’s Brooklyn Dog Life

Meet Ollie, the fun-loving pooch who is a part of the BoCoCa Wheaten Terrier pack. There’s no shortage of these fabulous teddy bear-like dogs in Brooklyn and we just love meeting other Wheatens out on walks. Make sure to say hello to Ollie and his mom Kassie, if you see them around the neighborhood.

Name: Ollie (aka Ollie Bear or Boo Boo)
Breed: Wheaten
Sex: Male
Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens
Personality: friendly, silly and cuddly
Hobbies: napping in his puppy crate which he refuses to give up with his head on a toy, watching out the window, sitting on the stairs in the backyard looking for cats that need to be chased out of his territory
Vocabulary: “let’s go”, “cookie”, “treat”, “walk” and most importantly “car”
Favorite spot for walks: anywhere he’s going quickly with the wind in his face, but especially the beach
Favorite Toy: the stuffed birthday cake, the monkey and the armadillo are tied for all time faves
Pet Peeve: vacuum cleaners and getting brushed
Best Friend: Marley, a black cocker spaniel, who also lives in the neighborhood

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