Brooklyn Photobooth Dogs

Cameron Woo, co-founder and creative director for The Bark has culled through thousands of photographs to create his new book, Photobooth Dogs. Featuring more than 100 portraits of dogs taken in photobooths over the last 80 years, Woo celebrates the age-old bond between people and their beloved pets.

The book even includes a few photos of Brooklyn dogs. Here’s what Woo had to say about photobooths and Brooklyn:

Photobooths and Brooklyn have a long history together … soon after the invention of the photobooth in 1925 by a Russian immigrant, Anatol Josepho, they became a fixture at public gathering places—train and bus stations, fairs and expositions, and amusement parks. Coney Island’s popular boardwalk contained several photobooths—visitors would crowd into the booth to create a memento of their trip to the seaside. It was the perfect accompaniment to a world of arcades and coin operated entertainment, and the frivolity that characterized the boardwalk. Small tin frames were sold to hold single frames of the snapshots, with a place on the back to list the “Date”, “Taken At”, and “Message”. It’s common to find photobooth snapshots with Coney Island scribbled on to the back. The photostrips were cut and given to friends and family, as a reminder of their Coney Island holiday.

Sailors on leave, often posed for souvenir photos

Woman and her dog, noted Brooklyn, 1939 on the back

Photobooth frame back


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