Bailey’s Brooklyn Dog Life

Meet Bailey. He’s Laly’s upstairs neighbor who always has a sweet look of mischief on his face. He loves licking people’s noses and making new friends-people and other dogs!

Name/Nicknames: Bailey (aka Bails, Bailey-boo and Mr. Pee-monster)

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Sex: Boy

Neighborhood: BoCoCa

Personality: Aggressively friendly

Hobbies: Meeting playful kids on the beach; cuddling with my girlfriend Rosie -a sexy reddish-brown cockapoo; tearing it up with Frank – my dachshund best friend; and, jumping into strollers to lick a food-covered toddler’s face

Vocabulary: “Let’s go!”, “Where’s the doggie?!”, “Get it, Bailey!”, “Leave it, leave it, leave it, ok, whatever, how about drop it?!”

Favorite spot for walks: Walk?! Who needs to walk? Let’s just sit outside our building and wait for pedestrians to tell me how cute I am.

Favorite Toy: Anything that squeaks

Pet Peeve: Being woken up, or worse, making me sleep alone in the kitchen

Fun Fact: I love to lick noses. If you pick me up, I promise to lick yours. And if you lie down, beware, I’m going to come pounce on your chest and devour your nose!

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