Bad Week For Brooklyn Dog News

While I like to keep things lighthearted, there’s no escaping this week’s bout of bad dog news in Brooklyn. From the Park Slope hooker dog thief to the Prospect Heights dog brawl, which resulted in a human casualty and the killer Malamutes in Carroll Gardens, it all comes down to irresponsible pet owners. In Prospect Heights, two dogs were tied too closely to each other outside a bar and things got ugly when the owners got into a deadly spat untangling them. One of the people involved was not mentally stable but the dogs should not have been unattended to start with.

Even worse is the case of the Bensonhurst owner of two vicious Malamutes who killed their second dog this week at a Carroll Gardens dog run. While there’s controversy over euthanizing the dogs, no one has mentioned holding the owner accountable. Apparently the owner, well aware of his pets’ behavior and banned from his local dog run, traveled to areas where his dogs were unknown and allowed them to go about their business. I say rehab these dogs, if possible and throw the owner behind bars. People simply should not have the privilege to own pets if they don’t take the responsibility that comes with it seriously.

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