ABDL Goes to the Catskills: The Inn at Lake Joseph

If you’re searching for a dog-friendly getaway where you can enjoy the great outdoors without roughing it, head to the Inn at Lake Joseph in Forestburg, New York. After a two and a half hour drive from the city you’ll find yourself alongside a picturesque lake with access to countless trails for off-leash exploring. Stay in the cottage or carriage house guest rooms, where dogs are welcome and their humans can enjoy private decks and hot tubs. Rooms are spacious, comfortable and show no traces of canine guests. Our room even came with a “pet spread” so Laly could laze on the bed without mucking it up.

Laly lounging on the pet spread

Each morning we started the day with a hearty country breakfast followed by long off-leash hikes on trails where we could see deer roam. The trails went on for miles but were easy to moderate and perfect for a city dog getting their first taste of outdoor freedom.

Laly on a hike

The second half of our day was spent swimming in the lake. We even took out a boat and went for a leisurely row around the lake with Laly on board. She clearly indicated her preference for being in the water as she jumped overboard and doggie paddled around until we made it to shore.

Laly on the row boat before jumping ship

We came across all types of dogs and their owners at the Inn. Some dogs were better socialized than others and some owners more easy going than others. I’d  suggest your dog is socialized and gets along with other animals before taking them on  a dog-friendly vacation. This may seem like a natural but doesn’t always cross people’s minds. Our time at the Inn was a memorable experience that I would recommend to other dog owners. We got to unwind on the Sky Chairs throughout the grounds and relax by the nightly fire while our pooch got to be a country dog for the weekend.

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One response to “ABDL Goes to the Catskills: The Inn at Lake Joseph

  1. nanat

    so nice to see the granddaughter at play

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