Oliver and Gypsy’s Brooklyn Dog Life

Meet Oliver and Gypsy the Park Slope Shih Tzu duo that is all about competing for their mom, Rina’s attention. Gypsy makes sure to show Oliver who’s boss when he tries to get in on cuddle time while Oliver uses his charm and antics to make sure all eyes are on him…especially when the phone rings.

Oliver (left), Gypsy (right)

Neighborhood: Park Slope
Personality: Oliver is possessive while Gypsy is playful
Hobbies: neighborhood walks and playing catch
they’re bilingual (hablan espanol)
Favorite Spot for Walks: Around the neighborhood and Prospect Park
Favorite Toy: Oliver isn’t into toys while Gypsy loves any and all squeaky toys.
Pet Peeve: For Oliver it’s noise and animals on TV, which he barks at as if they could hear him. Gypsy hates when strangers try to pet her.  Birds and squirrels are also at the top of her shit list.

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