Given the record heat this weekend all I could think about was jumping in a cold pool but I also wanted Laly to join in on the fun. We managed just that at Water4Dogs, a hydro-rehabilitation center for animals in Tribeca that opens it’s pool to dogs and their owners a few times a week. After a quick cab ride over the bridge we found ourselves at an indoor water world filled with happy dogs swimming their hearts out. We jumped right in but it took Laly a few minutes to feel at ease in the pool, which resembled a large aquarium tank. Before we knew it she was having a blast doing figure eights around the pool and swimming after squeaky toys. We shared the pool with other dogs that ranged in size from a toy Terrier swimming for the first time to a giant Great Dane also new to the water who made quite the splash. Water4Dogs is a great way to bond with your dog that everyone should try. The pool is also available for private swim sessions and they host doggy birthday parties.

77 Worth Street
Group Swims: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 12-1pm, Tuesday 7:30-8:00pm
Cost: 30 min. session is $30, 60 min. session is $40
Before you go: call to reserve your spot and make sure to fax over your dog’s vaccination records
Tips: wear a tee shirt so your dog doesn’t scratch you in the water. Towels and showers provided for both humans and dogs.

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