Dogs Suffer From Allergies, Too

People who suffer from allergies know how uncomfortable it can be. Now imagine what it’s like for a dog who can’t express what it feels. That’s the case with Laly, our Wheaten Terrier. Not too long ago, she started coming down with ear infections and tummy rashes and we noticed she was always scratching and licking her paws–all symptoms of allergies in dogs. After a few visits to the vet we figured out she has allergies. It’s rather ironic that her breed, which is hypo allergenic to people is notorious for suffering from allergies. Although in Laly’s case it’s rather fitting since her human mom is allergic to everything under the sun. Dogs are affected by many of the same allergens as people and their allergies fall into a few categories:

Food-most common are wheat, corn, and certain proteins
Inhaled-anything in the air such as pollen, dust and mold
Contact-the most unusual allergy but can include carpeting, flea collars, wool

Add bacteria, fleas and bug bites to this list since they can also cause adverse reactions in pooches. Allergy testing in dogs is expensive and inconclusive but with the help of our vet we narrowed it down to food and seasonal allergies. We started experimenting with Laly’s diet giving her wheat free treats and have switched her food to Before Grain Salmon to introduce a new protein while eliminating grains. It’s too soon to know what works but we’re determined to find the perfect combination to free or at least alleviate our pup of allergies. Visit the vet if your dog has any of the symptoms described. Also check out online pet health resources such as PetWave, which has comprehensive information and helpful discussion boards.

Image courtsey of The Fun Times Guide

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