DOH Ruins Zombie Hut for Dogs

It’s been a while since I stopped by Zombie Hut on Smith Street, which I’m fond of for their flaming rum cocktails and dog friendly outdoor space. After visiting the tiki bar this weekend, I was sad to learn they no longer allow dogs. Before we could even order drinks a bartender came to the backyard and notified us about the new policy.  It turns out our friends at the Department of Health now require them to have a separate entrance to the yard for dogs.  If this is true, it’s a damn shame since they have great outdoor space and don’t serve food, making it a good spot for drinking with your pooch.  We ended up across the street at Bar Great Harry  where Laly played with neighborhood dogs and her humans enjoyed happy hour specials.  Thank you DOH for ruining a favorite summer spot.

Image courtesy of Pound Designs

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3 responses to “DOH Ruins Zombie Hut for Dogs

  1. That is too bad! Our new hangout is Mission Dolores on 4th Avenue. Stop by sometime!

  2. Such a bummer! Thanks for the tip. We love MD. Been there a few times. Will be on the lookout for you next time we’re there.

  3. swifty

    they should install a bar @ the hillside park dog run. then, we’d be good & the city would make mad money.

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