Brooklyn Dog Runners

The key to a happy, healthy and well behaved dog is exercise and stimulation. While the amount of activity a dog requires varies by breed, it’s not always easy for owners to keep up with their mutt’s needs. Leave it to Julie Totino and Mandy McGowan of Brooklyn Dog Runners to give your pooch a good workout when you can’t. A year ago the duo turned their love for running and pets into a full time job and created Brooklyn Dog Runners. Mandy and Julie offer 30 and 45-minute runs that can be equivalent to a one to two hour walk.

The team runs with all breeds from tiny Chihuahuas to full grown German Shepards. They have yet to meet a dog that can’t get at least a slow jog going and the dogs just love it. Mandy and Julie always consider the size, speed and health of the dog when designing a running regime. They even offer a complimentary first time run/appointment to get to know your dog’s personality and establish a routine. Visit their website and blog to learn more about the lady dog running duo and schedule a run for your pooch.

Brooklyn Dog Runners Courtesy of Diego Cupola

Running allows pets to get more exercise in less time. Here are tips from Mandy and Julie on running with your dog:

1. Start by mastering the walk. Make sure your dog understands you are in charge. Have them stay on the same side every time you take them out. Train them to walk even with you, if not a little bit behind you. Once a calm, controlled walk is mastered, move on to running.

2. Start slow and as your dog’s ability increases you can running farther and faster.

3. Monitor the weather. Never run with your dog if it’s over 85 degrees or too cold. If you do go for a run on a warm day, bring some water for your dog. They need to stay hydrated just as much as you do.

4. Running with your dog is a great way to bond. Have fun, be aware of your surroundings and stay safe!

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