Water-On-the-Go Keeps Brooklyn Dogs and Owners Hydrated this Summer

Water-On-the-Go comes to the rescue this summer keeping NYC dogs and their owners healthy and hydrated as the mercury rises. This new city initiative brings traveling water fountains to public spaces during the summer months.  The fountains are connected to fire hydrants, have faucets for drinking or for filling a water bottle and also feature separate water bowls for dogs.  Mayor Bloomberg made an appearance in Brooklyn this past weekend to kick off the Water-On-the-Go program and stressed the importance of keeping pets hydrated during the heat wave. Make sure you and your pooch beat the heat with fluoride laced H20 straight from the fountains at the Brooklyn Bridge Pedestrian Walkway, Pier 6 and the Borough Hall Greenmarket. For a complete list of locations visit NYC.gov.

Water-On-the-Go Station courtesty of ABC 7

You can also cool off the old fashioned way...

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2 responses to “Water-On-the-Go Keeps Brooklyn Dogs and Owners Hydrated this Summer

  1. What a delightful blog. We send you happy dog vibes from over the river in Manhattan. Cheers!

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