ABDL Goes to the Jersey Shore: Secret Dog Beach

All winter we dreamt of secret dog beach, our little piece of heaven on Long Beach Island and we’re finally here for the holiday weekend. Tipped off by a family friend, we fell in love with this secluded beach a few years ago before becoming dog owners. It’s a small seaweed strewn patch of beach on the bay where your pooch can spend hours playing fetch and practicing their finest doggy paddle. The beach is never packed and dog owners who come here respect the place ensuring it remains open for all to enjoy. This weekend Laly had fun in the sun with two King Charles Spaniels from Manhattan, Honey, the Cockapoo from Jersey and Nate, a cute mutt from PA. If you’re planning a trip to LBI email me to receive the location after you’ve been sworn to secrecy. Happy Fourth of July weekend from dog beach!

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3 responses to “ABDL Goes to the Jersey Shore: Secret Dog Beach

  1. Swifty

    Watch out for great whites & tar balls

  2. Laly can take on the great whites. She’s already taken on a few crabs and a fish head. As for the tar balls…hopefully all the donated dog fur will do the trick.

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