Duke’s Brooklyn Dog Life

This week the spotlight is on Duke, the fabulous fluff ball who is Laly’s brother. The world ceases to exist for these trouble-making Wheatens when they get together for hours of high speed chases and playtime.

The fabulous and fluffy Duke

Name: Duke
Breed: Wheaten Terrier
Sex: Male
Neighborhood: Williamsburg, but loves the country
Personality: Lively!
Vocab: Sit, Down, Grrr, Woof, High Five, Paw, Come
Hobbies: Fetch, tug of war, drinking from the shower whenever he can, running up and down stairs, and swimming (which he just learned he LOVES)
Favorite spot for walks: McCarren Park
Favorite Toy: anything that squeaks
Pet Peeve: baby cherry tomatoes. Those things are just so confusing. Are they a toy or a food?
Other: Looks remarkably Muppetish and loves playing with his sister/best friend Laly!

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