Bye Bye Birdie

Another one bites the dust with their dog-friendly policy. This time it’s Hot Bird, the new bar in Prospect Heights. When we first visited them a month ago we were happy to find out their awesome yard welcomed mutts. After walking twenty plus minutes to go there last night we learned they are no longer dog-friendly. Sniff…sniff… They were super nice and let us stay with our well-behaved Laly but that’s the last time she can go. It turns out a dog recently bit a patron and Hot Bird’s BBQ truck will soon arrive making it tough to have dogs in the yard. We still heart you Hot Bird.


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One response to “Bye Bye Birdie

  1. swifty

    A door closes & another one opens. Sycamore (a bar on cortelyou road) seems to be dog friendly as i spotted a pooch there this past saturday chilling in the backyard.

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