Life’s a Fiesta with Puppy Pinata

It’s a doll, it’s stuffed with treats, it’s a Puppy Pinata. Aunt Fran was in town this weekend and stopped by with neat toys for her favorite pup. Laly now has a new friend named Lulu that is pink, plushy, and filled with treats. The Puppy Pinata keeps dogs entertained as they toss around a stuffed animal complete with squeaker while keeping them stimulated as they figure out how to access the hidden treats.

The doll has a velcro opening in its belly and comes pre-stuffed with Yummy Chummies wild Alaskan salmon treats. So far Laly has played with Lulu off and on for a whole day without getting bored or tearing her to shreds. She figured out where the treats are hidden but hasn’t been able to open the velcro just yet. Puppy Pinata comes in two sizes for small and large dogs and the best thing about it is that proceeds from sales go to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.


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