Luna’s Brooklyn Dog Life

ABDL is giving a shout out to Brooklyn dogs in a new weekly post that will feature furry friends from around the borough. Submit details and a photo so we can help you brag about your pooch. Thanks to Luna and her dad Chris for helping us kick things off.

Luna James

Name: Luna James
Breed: Blue Heeler/Bull Terrier
Sex: Female
Neighborhood: Kensington
Personality: Confident
Hobbies: Chewing Nylabones, relaxing in leather chairs, humping
Favorite spot for walks: Ocean Parkway Malls, Prospect Park, Hillside Park
Favorite Toy: Nylabones
Favorite Treat: Greenies Dental Chews
Vocabulary: Sit, down, stay, come, off, beg, no
Pet Peeve: Rain and water. Luna will do her business double time if it’s raining and she doesn’t have her rain coat on.

Despite Luna’s gruff exterior, she is a real sweetie who is affectionate with all humans, regardless of their age. Luna usually ignores smaller dogs and likes to dominate the larger ones. She enjoys running and does her part in the environmental effort by pulling her daddy on his skateboard. Luna is a quiet dog who only barks only when she gets excited about going out.



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