Pier 6 Dog Run Opens Saturday

After years of construction Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 officially opens this Saturday bringing a new dog run to the neighborhood. I can’t wait to see how it compares to the glorious Hillside Park and the oh so gross Palmetto run.

UPDATE: The run is a great addition to the neighborhood. It’s a medium oval shaped space with seating along the perimeter. It even has a sprinkler that lets you give dogs a nice spritz to cool them off or even a quick rinse. While we love the run it does has some issues. People are concerned there is no shade for dogs on hot days, there seem to be gaps in the fencing where small dogs can escape, and the space near the sprinkler and water fountain turns into one big mud pit. Not to worry, the Pier 6 Dog Run group is working with the park’s development company to resolve these problems. Now let’s see if we can keep our mayor status on Four Square.

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