The New York City Pet Show

Over the weekend we went to the New York City Pet Show to scope out the latest in doggy gadgets, treats, and services. It was sensory overload between all the booths, dogs and their owners, and an excited Laly who was eager to eat everything in sight. It felt like Halloween coming home with big bag full of loot. Visit my Associated Content page to read more about the show and stay tuned for reviews once Laly tries her goodies.

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One response to “The New York City Pet Show

  1. Bjs

    First review:
    Explosive diarrhea leading to a few days of the rice and chicken diet. Laly eating all the kibble and treat samples at the show, combined with whatever junk food sne was given at Tali’s grad. party does not a happy dog belly make.

    Nice blog baby! It’s so not a cool thing people did 6 years ago at all 🙂

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